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Completed Works
(Alphabetical by author - books by the same author listed chronologically)

Proofread by EV Proofreading:

All or Nothing by Natalie Ann
All of Me by Natalie Ann
All the Way by Natalie Ann
All I Want by Natalie Ann
All My Love by Natalie Ann
All About You by Natalie Ann
All For Love by Natalie Ann
Second Chance by Natalie Ann
Give Me A Chance by Natalie Ann
Our Chance by Natalie Ann
Take a Chance.png
Deserve a Chance by Natalie Ann
Brody by Natalie Ann
Baylee Breaking by Simone Beaudelaire
When the Music Ends by Simone Beaudelaire
High Plains Heartbreak by Simone Beaudelaire
Caroline's Choice by Simone Beaudelaire
Polar Heat by Simone Beaudelaire
Guardian of the Damned by Bella Fayre
The Panther's Legacy by A. Payne & N.D. Taylor
Saved by the Dragon by Vivienne Savage
Wolf's Cross by Melissa Snark
Hunter's Mark by Melissa Snark

Edited by EV Proofreading:

Her Web Master for Normandie Alleman
Chief Inspector, The Beginning by Ken Berquist
The Collaborative by Ken Berquist
Isis Attacks America by Ken Berquist
The Assassin Bug by Ken Berquist
Revived By Malm by Mychal Daniels
Ravished by Jalek by Mychal Daniels
Redeemed by Rilic by Mychal Daniels
Curses by Calvin Dean
The Soul by Luiza Dobrzyńska
Encounter by Synnøve Eriksen
New Spring by by Synnøve Eriksen
Hot Snow by Synnøve Eriksen
Fateful Night by Synnøve Eriksen
Dark Clouds by Synnøve Eriksen
Love and Honor by Synnøve Eriksen
Golden Days by by Synnøve Eriksen
Seductions by Bryce Evans
Dragon Glass by Kathryn M Hearst
From the Ashes by Michael Patrick Hicks
Mass Hysteria by Michael Patrick Hicks
Broken Shells by Michel Patrick Hicks
The Monster I've Become by N.L. Hoffmann
One for Sorrow by Dawn Ibanez
Ingegjerd by Frid Ingulstad
Ellisiv by Frid Ingulstad
Maria by Frid Ingulstad
Mercury Rising by KD Jones
Bad News Polar Bear by KD Jones
All My Dad's Lovers by Manula Kalicka
Virtually Yours by by Manula Kalicka
Unfathomed by Ralph Kern
Expedition by Ralph Kern
Nighter by Magdalena Kozak
Renegade by Magdalena Kozak
Nobody by Magdalena Kozak
Inanite by Magdalena Kozak
Burn the Witch by Magdalena Kubasiewicz
Kelpie Curse by Roz Marshall
To Catch a Panther by Jenna Marx
The Heretic Queen - Volume I by Magdalena Niedzwiedzka
Caregiver by Lucyna Olejniczak
Music Ink and Love by Jude Ouvrard
Across Our Stars: Victor by A. Payne & N.D. Taylor
Across Our Stars: Hamish by A. Payne & N.D. Taylor
An Ordinary Angel 2: Where Angels Cannot Go by Susan F. Pruitt
How to Kill You, Darling? by Alex Rogozinski
Bearing Her Wishes by Vivienne Savage
Mated by the Dragon by Vivienne Savage
Taming the Dragon by Vivienne Savage
Making Waves by Vivienne Savage
Training the Alpha by Vivienne Savage
Impractical Magic by Vivienne Savage
Loved by the Dragon Collection by Vivienne Savage
Smitten by Vivienne Savage
Principles and Practice of Kintape by Han Shibing
Outfoxed by Melissa Snark
A Very Foxy Christmas (Christma Kisses) by Melissa Snark
And Then The Darkness Came by Agata Suchocka
Face to Face by Agata Suchocka
Song of the Nightingale by Agata Suchocka
The Warden by D.P. Tighe
The Warden 2 by D.P. Tighe
Turbulence by E.M. Whittaker
Drift by E.M. Whittaker
The School for Wives by Magdalena Witkiewicz
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